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Everything Macedonia

Traveling to Macedonia, Photos, Reviews, Tips, Macedonian History, Videos & Photos, Downloads, and anything and everything Macedonian!



Mission Statement: Traveling to Macedonia

Posted by ProMKD on February 6, 2012 at 8:00 PM

As a respected guest of our website, we believe you should know our intentions:

Our website is dedicated to inform the masses around the world of the tourism potential of Macedonia as well as our own personal experiences when traveling to Macedonia. As a nation of only 2 million people, it is sometimes difficult to find accurate or useful information on the internet regarding travel to Macedonia. Our team consists of avid travelers who have been through the ins and outs of Macedonia, and have lived in or visited the country many times.

It is our mission to provide relevant tourist information, including attractions and restaurants in Macedonia, accurate transportation information, and guides to the most popular places to visit, such as Skopje and Ohrid.

Macedonia is known for it's hospitality, delicious fresh food, rich history, and natural beauty. We intend to take you on a breathtaking journey of all of that Macedonia has to offer, and we hope that one day you can visit this beautiful country, and share this website with your friends.

Since traveling to Macedonia is such a broad subject, this website is under constant updating and requires a lot of effort to maintain itself.

Please send any suggestions or comments our way HERE.


ProMKD and the EverythingMacedonia team.

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