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Everything Macedonia

Traveling to Macedonia, Photos, Reviews, Tips, Macedonian History, Videos & Photos, Downloads, and anything and everything Macedonian!



New Pages on the Website

Posted by ProMKD on June 7, 2012 at 7:55 PM

Greetings to all our dear visitors,

The EverythingMacedonia team has been working around the clock to provide you, our fellow travelers, with more information on travel to Macedonia.

We encourage you all to visit us frequently and check out the new updated pages that we offer. Today, we rolled out the preliminary version of the "Skopje Restaurant & Cafe Guide" page. Here you will find the most popular food & drink hangouts in and around the capital city. Ofcourse there will be more information added to this page as we move along.

Please help keep this site alive & share it with your friends! Every visit we get encourages us to work harder and provide you with better ways to have fun and travel to Macedonia!

Best regards,

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