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Skopje, Macedonia Sign In or Register to add photos

Photos from the capital city of Macedonia - Skopje. Population: Roughly 700,000. This city has been constantly inhabited for the past 7,000 years, and is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, as proven by the numerous Archaeological remains found in the area. Skopje is Macedonia's largest city and most important economic and business center. Nearly 80% of Skopje was destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 1963, and since then the city has been a large construction site, constantly expanding and modernizing. The city is home to the tallest cross in the world - the Millenium Cross that sits on Vodno Mountain, the largest statue of Alexander the Great in the world (Macedonia's most famous hero), the Matka Canyon which is home to the Vrelo Cave - the deepest underwater cave in all of Europe, many important Macedonian Orthodox Monasteries and churches. The city is connected to the world through the Alexander the Great international airport just to the east of the city, which connects to dozens of European and middle eastern airport hubs. The city is at a north-south and east-west crossroads in terms of highways, and also has a rail connection to the rest of Europe.
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